Well, today I went to guitar and got myself a brand new LTD EC-1000 - Vintage Black. It looks and feels fantastic! It sounds great too! The EMG 81/60 are my favorite pickups, so naturally I love the sound of this guitar.

Here are some pics:

Also, here is an audio clip

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Is this amazing? Could it be?
This newly posted mp3

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Nice one I like this guitar, make a picture of the whole one
btw, How did you do the record? Did you use a Pedal directly or have you used an amp?
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god i hate this type of shit

HNGD anyway, OP!

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god i hate this type of shit

This. So much.

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HNGD anyway, OP!

This too, actually, looks really nice!
Nice! I usually end up playing one of these when I visit Guitar Center.
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That Ebony fingerboard looks very grainy.

HNGD though. 1000's aren't the guitars that i would pick up for that kind of money, but they're still pretty good.
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god i hate this type of shit

HNGD anyway, OP!

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very nice.
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