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Its an instrumental, medium-paced metal stomper with some old school riffage and melody. Recorded with a VERY basic setup (Vox Valvetronix modeler and Mixcraft/Beatcraft). Hope you like it!
Very cool, it's nice to hear some good ol' classic instrumental metal. I feel like everything now is just crappy djent lol. I really enjoyed it and the guitar work is amazing, rock on man.

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Nice work. This is a very solid instrumental piece. The only criticisms I have are that it could sound much more professional if you removed the muffled, shuffly guitar noises at the beginning, and fix the run at 1:40 so that your notes (are those sixteenth note triplets?) are in time throughout. Those things stood out to me, but other than that, very solid work here. If you get the time, mind checking out my band? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1526503