Ok, so me and my buddy have decided to try and start a band, but I'm unsure about how we could make it work. My friend plays bass and guitar, but would be playing bass in the band, and I play mainly guitar and a little bass. He doesn't own a bass any more so he would be borrowing mine, and we only know two drummers, one is already in a band and the other is a prick that neither of us can tolerate musically or personally. We also can not find a vocalist but have agreed to split the singing duties. My first concern is weather we should even start practising and learning/writing songs before we find a drummer and possibly a vocalist. My other concern is the difference in skill level between us. I know I'm going to sound like an dick when I say this but I am a good ways ahead of him musically and he's not a fast learner so how can I help him improve his playing and song writing ability quickly without frustrating him? Thanks for any advice in advance.
Just do it. All your best laid plans will fail in the end, but you'll learn something along the way, and you'll be a better band member for it.
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Just do it. All your best laid plans will fail in the end, but you'll learn something along the way, and you'll be a better band member for it.


my only suggestion is to not force your friend to play more difficult things than he can handle... also you can find a drummer later, as for vocals you can write those then find someone to sing them later as well...
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
Ok, I'll just go with it for now. Thanks for the replies.
Music is music you know? Sometimes you can over think and over plan things. Just do it.

As for differences in skill level it shouldn't matter, my second guitarist in my band is like Steve Vai/Satch type skill level where as I can barely play the thing, but it works.

As for the drummer situation, Big Black and Smashing Pumpkins started out without a drummer, they used a drum machine at their early shows. Not ideal but whilst you are writting and practicing it may be something to consider just to help with the timings of it all. You never know just like those bands it could make your sound stick out from the rest of the crowd?
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
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My band exceeded 1000 gigs this year. If you are willing to change something, work hard, invest a lot (over the years) then you could have a decent living from running a band.

My band does weddings, corporate events and alike. We have multiple bands under the same name: we mix-mash the performers do there is always 50% of the main band on stage. This way you can double your capacity, and you have less customers to reject.

Besides that we work with partners that bring in a lot of work. You have less margin on these gigs but still, its worth the deal. Every gig has at least to produce another gig.

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infinity-band not sure how this is relevant to the TS question.

1000 gigs this year? Thats a 1000 gigs in 75 days. I don't think that is possible even if you are mixing and matching band members are your "band" is playing two gigs at the same time.

Which brings me to my next point, surely it's not the same band if you are mixing members all the time, its a collective no?
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."