Hey everyone! I'm currently involved in Belfield FM and I personally host Monday's Alternative Lunch. We're an Irish student radio station and we broadcast both online and on FM. I'm looking to start playing more music from unsigned bands on the show and I can't think of a better place than here to give you guys the opportunity to get your songs played on a radio station in Ireland. I'd like to play one unsigned band per show but if the interest from you guys is there I'd play more.

As we broadcast on FM, there can be no cursing in your song as we could loose our licence over it. So please edit them nicely if needs be. Also, if you're a post rock group etc. we might have problems as we like to keep the tracks we play on-air at around 3-4 minutes in length. Also, don't let the name Alternative Lunch fool you into thinking that all we play is alt. rock; we play anything that's not generally on the radio. So we don't play that much pop. Well, one could say none at all.

One prerequisite I do have is that the music is of good quality; I'm looking for unsigned bands looking to break into the music business and not just youtube cover songs. I want to have information to share with my listeners, EP's, albums etc.

An example of the show can be found in my sig. for those interested.

So, here's what I'm looking for in your posts:

- Link to your song. (Preferably youtube)
- Information about the band: who you are, name of the band, years active, where you're from, what genre you play, influences, recordings etc.
- What website you use most to promote yourselves (bandcamp, reverbnation etc)

If this takes off here I'd consider doing a whole show dedicated to unsigned bands from around the world.


How to listen in to the show with your song:

You can listen in live by going to www.belfieldfm.ie and clicking listen live from 3-4pm GMT on Mondays, tuning your radio to 107.8 FM if you happen to live in Dublin or you can listen into the podcasted edition of the show as we record every show every day. For simplicity; I'll be posting links to the podcasts here in this post if they contain one of your songs.