After trying out some different picks, I thought I'd get some opinions on what I'm exactly looking for. I'd like a pick that's durable enough to get some nice attack for rhythm playing, but I'd also like to be able to play some nice clean chords with them. My friend gave me a few Dunlop Ultrex 1mm picks, but they don't feel very comfortable in my hand. I have some cheap plastic Fender picks that feel better in my hand while I'm playing acoustic, but they aren't durable enough for more aggressive rhythm playing. Are the Jazz III picks typically smaller and more curved than the Ultrex? I'm thinking about giving some Max Grip Jazz III's if that's the case.
I almost exclusively use Jazz III's, I'd definitely give them a shot.
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Appreciate the replies! I'll try to give both of those a shot in the near future. Might start with the Jazz III's, but the Gator Grips look like a style that would suit me well too.
Second on the Gators. They last a long time. I've used several thicknesses but settled on the 2.0 mm. I'd rather pick lighter when necessary than use a pick with some give in it. I get a lot more control that way, and the firmness is there when it's needed. I just use the same pick for everything.

I've used the Jazzes and Fenders, too, but I wore through those way too fast. I've gone through many packs of those in my first 2 years playing and I'm still about halfway through my first pack of Gator 2.0s in the last 4 years. I've only retired about 6 of them in that time. They even hold up to pickscraping.
I'll try to grab some Gators in the near future. I ordered some Jazz III's last night, and I'll see how well I like them once they come in.
Cool Juratex 1.0

Haven't used anything else since I found them.

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Tortex Tiii's are great, try them.
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