So I want to give my guitar a mirror finish, it's an explorer shape Greg Bennet something or other. I've read that Matt Bellamy uses Acrylic Mirror sheets on his, do you guys think this is the best way of doing this?

Also, how would I go about this? I'd only be covering the front in it and the rest of the guitar would just be black, so how far in do I stop the usual painting process and glue the sheet on to the guitar? What issues could this bring up, now or down the road?
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i would suggest.
think of the acrylic as you would a normal top wood.

cut the body wood to shape.
same with acrylic (adding an extra 1/8" to overall size)
flush trim with router to fit the body shape.
cut hardware cavities.

i would.. add binding to the body. would make it look alot cleaner.
tape off binding and acrylic top,spray your back colour and clear

the only issues i would see happening is that the glue used to keep the acrylic sheet down may eventually crack and peel off.
or the glue might have a chemical reaction to the mirrored backing surface of the acrylic.

i am interested in trying this myself at some point with a guitar