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I'm having this made to the limit. I'll post some picks as it develops. So far here is the body. It looks more yellow (in the lighting), but the base coat is off white. The lettering will be purple and there will be yellow, turquoise throughout. The head will be bronze (like a statute). The neck will have HENDRIX in the fret spaces. The headstock will have his date of birth and death, along with a guitar pick embedded in the wood.
That... doesn't look him. At least from this angle.

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You will rarely getting an exact spitting image of someone when carving into wood or other mediums; and once the bronze paint is added it will look more like him (right now he's an Albino).
This has the potential to be one of the most awesome builds ever. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
looks like it will be incredible. Casper is a really nice guy to work with. Haven't had him build me anything...YET. but even just talking about possible prices and specs, you can tell he cares about his work. Will be following this thread to see how it turns out
This is my second Casper guitar. I know there are many luthiers out there, but for the price, what he built me originally is quite something. I have a Slash Les Paul, a Satriani (JS2400) Ibanez, and several other guitars from other companies, and the Casper is the only one I play. The neck is the best of them all, and the tonal qualities is what I wanted in my JS2400 if I could have changed it. Once I had an idea for a Hendrix tribute guitar, Casper was my go-to guy.
Glad to hear you have such a positive experience with him. Once I have the cash, I'm going to try to get a custom built by him.
Once the hardware is put in, it should really take off... and once the custom neck is in place (with custom inlays), it will take on a new life. Best of all, based on the neck and the electronics/pickups, this will be one heck of a playable guitar. It's not just a showpiece.
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That is so amazing!! I would have liked it better if you had used pink instead of white on the "blank spots" Of the body, but this is still crazy good keep it up friend!
"When the power of love over comes the love of power the world will know peace."
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My focus was on his Woodstock guitar. Not sure if pink would look any good with the colors chosen... more of a psychedlic combo, as per his first album cover (although not the exact tones of yellow and purple).
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The carver is going to add three knobs... one with a heart... one with a rose... one with a peace sign.

This should tie in all the concepts into the controls. Still waiting on the neck inlays to be finished. Also, Double Treble is doing a custom strap and I'm having a custom case done up (the case front is primed, then the artist does a black charcoal drawing, then lacquered over top to protect it).
I like the case, has a hand drawn in class vibe but its very detailed. I wonder how long it took him to do that case.
Apparently only a few hours at most, although there is time in priming the case for the drawing (and letting each coat dry), then finishing it off with a lacquer to protect it.
Well, the paint is actually a touch darker than his actual skin pigmentation was. If he looks like a Black albino, what did he look like when alive... White? lol. Also, the paint is a bronze paint... to give it a 'statue-like' appearance, as opposed to being painted with flesh tones.
Some people don't 'get' the guitar and its concept. I'm developing a review/article on it, and this is part of the introduction:

Some viewers may find this axe and its accessories a bit garish or ostentatious, and that is true; however, there is a method to the guitar’s madness. This project was meant to be more than a standard looking Strat with certain 60s specs, only to be called a Hendrix tribute (enough of those floating around). Rather, the idea was to take it to the extremes, just like Big Daddy Ross’s Rat Fink dragsters, the painted buses at Woodstock, Jimi’s ‘pimped out’ clothing, or the psychedelic and eye-numbing artwork on Axis: Bold as Love.

Every part of the guitar has something about Jimi, from the Star Spangled Banner strap locks to the embedded pick in the headstock; and the package was coordinated further with a leather strap and hardshell case that did not attempt to re-create what already existed among Hendrix memorabilia, but to compliment a new creation as myself and other artisans visualized the project.

And least we not forget, as we Keep on Truckin’ Mr. Crumb, just how colourful and sometimes outlandish the 60s were... its style and presentation far different than what it is today, as we now tend to be more at home with the sleek and modern space-age-looking concepts that slowly are burying the legacy of the Age of Aquarius. No, this guitar is not meant to reflect the tastes of today, of flame-topped maple and ‘active’ pickups, but represents the 60s in concept and form that would have been celebrated along with the hand-made clothes, beaded necklaces and analog recordings that nearly seem as much in the past and ‘illusionary’ to the younger generation as the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and Leave it to Beaver.

Few people, musicians or not, deserve an ever-lasting legacy, and the Voodoo Child tribute guitar is but a small contribution to reminding people the importance and influence that Jimi Hendrix had on the world, an unfortunate realization that existed only after his untimely demise.
Dunno how I feel about this. I can appreciate the work but do you just have money to burn?

I'm already bored of looking at it, it's too busy. Something simpler might have been better.

What do you ultimately want for this guitar? Are you going to use it or would you like to see it hanging up at the experience in Seattle some day?
My income is none of your business... it is being built for me, according to my specs (not to be sold to anyone), as clearly explained in the first post of this thread... perhaps a plain looking strat is more exciting for your eyes... your boredom is not my concern as it is a tribute guitar that I'm looking forward to owning. You bore me. Good day!
haha okay. just throwing in my two cents. you must have known this is gonna be a love it or hate it project so no need to get so tetchy when you've put it in the public domain. You clearly care about other peoples opinions or you'd have never posted it on here in the first place. I think my boredom DOES concern you which explains your tetchy response.

you're right your income is none of my business. I was just trying to understand why someone would commission something so decadent and gaudy. I guess it matches Hendrix's onstage persona though and it's very unique.

I don't think plain looking strats are very exciting.
Haters gonna hate, dude I think you did a great job on that guitar, thanks for sharing.
No need to get touchy... I was kidding right back! And yes... gaudy just like the 60s, including Hendrix's clothes and the Woodstock painted buses. Best wishes.
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No need to get touchy... I was kidding right back! And yes... gaudy just like the 60s, including Hendrix's clothes and the Woodstock painted buses. Best wishes.

I'm sorry man. I am quite touchy.

It's a grower, I do like it all, I just don't dig the head. But it's not my guitar. Look forward to seeing it with the electronics and hearing about how it plays!
It's a love it or hate it guitar... I must say, I love it. Very cool, must have taken a lot of skill to pull off.
I'd be afraid to play it, in case it got damaged!

Can't say I was too impressed on the video, although I think that was more to do with the amp/effects than the playing or the guitar.
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Awesome guy right here
The video simply was the luthier hammering out a few riffs, etc., after it was set up.

The whole concept of this guitar is the melding of man and guitar. When Jimi played it almost seemed organic (not orgasmic, lol)... in that the guitar was a mere extension of his ability... like there wasn't any effort in the process, but a flow. And that is why his image is on the guitar, along with his, uh, dragon-fly... the man merged into the guitar as one.
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