Picking up a good quality second hand G-310 for £40 today.

Do you think this is decent value?

Need a bit of advice as I want/need to customise it.

Question 1: One of the tuning pegs is missing. Should I try to source one or am I better spending money on a good quality set. What cost am I looking at and are they easy to install myself?

Question 2: It comes with 2 x dual pick ups. I would like to replace these with similar pickups. I have a Gibson Les paul (with humbuckers), a strat with 3 x single coils. So it would be nice to have a different or 'intermediate' option. Any suggestions welcome!

Also (and this question might get me into twubble), but has anyone ever 'replaced' the Epiphone graphic on the headstock with a 'Gibson' one? Is it possible?
Q1: Just buy a set of wilkinsons or some other budget tuners, and than order a graph tech epiphone replacement nut. You won't have to worry about tuning problems after that.

Q2: Either buy a new set of 4-wire humbuckers, so you can split them. Or buy a set of humbucker sized p90 pickups.

About the headstock graphic change, I would just leave it as it is.
Thanks for this Gib_ber.

p90s- Seems to be the popular choice. Do you think it will make much of a difference? How much impact can quality pickups have? Or is it like trying to polish a turd?
With a cheap guitar like that I would just buy some budget pickups from GFS or try to find a used quality pickup set. I prefer having 4-wire humbuckers so that I can have the humbucker sound and also the single coil when split. P90s are something that you have to test out and see if it fits you're playing style and overall sound.

To me it doesn't really make any difference when I'm modding, updating or improving my guitars more to my own taste whether it's a gibson les paul or cheap ass epihone it doesn't make any difference. If you like the guitar than it's worth it.
You got a good deal on the Epi. They aren't TERRIBLE, and it seems like the things that aren't good on it, you're planning to replace anyways. As said, get some Wilkinson locking tuners, or maybe Grover tuners, along with the Graph Tech nut. Should fix any tuning issues. I'd second the p-90 suggestion unless you want to do something like go for active pickups. But for cheap pickups you should look at Iron Gear pickups since you're not in the US. Should be able to find something inexpensive and nice there.