So, my G string (no pun intended) won't intonate completely. I have a B.C. Rich Deluxe JRV with an OFR and the saddle is moved as far back as it can go. So, will I need to file it back? Or is there some magical way to do it without having to resort to that?
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theres your problem!

That's a $600 guitar buddy, not a bronze series... Plus it's got an original floyd, not a licensed one. meaning the parts don't suck. meaning they work. meaning who gives a flying **** who made it.

@TS - How's your action? Higher/lower on the 12th than 3rd / highest frets? If so, your truss rod needs adjustment which will probly require you to reintonate. Also can't remember if Floyds let you move the whole bridge piece back instead of just the saddle or no, it's been a couple years since I've even been in the room with one.

edit:: Wow, just ran the specs on your axe. Apparently it's made with Nyatoh wood. Asian exotic wood nearly identical to Mahogany, which comes up with some very nice tones. My big complaint with my old bc rich was the basswood, which isn't terrible but not to my liking either.
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I figured it out.
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