I've decided to sell my Dean Razorback and get something a bit smaller so it'll fit in the back of my car to get to-and-from gigs. I love this guitar but it's just too big :/.

I'm gonna be putting it on eBay in the next couple of weeks but I need help deciding on what I can get to replace it.

Here's what I need:
1. It's gonna be a Metal guitar so drop tuning and dark colours preferable
2. Floyd rose original (can't stand any others)
3. EMG's or equivalent high-end pickups (I've not got a huge amount of knowledge on this part but I do like the sound of my EMG 81's in my Ibanez RGA42)
4. Not cheap but not expensive (around about £500 which is what I'm hoping to get for my Dean)
5. 2nd hand so I get the most out of my money
6. Not V or pointed shaped as it won't fit in my car.

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Jackson RR3

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Jackson soloist, EMGs, Original Floyd Rose. Sadly, the EMGs are passive, so you may need to exchange them.

Imho, Get the EMG F-ALX (Alexi Laiho's signature). It's a passive EMG with an active gain boost which sounds like sex.

Or http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/h-1001fr.html

Comes with active EMGs, closer to your budget. I just like Jacksons more, but ESP-LTDs are still really great
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A guitar with EMG's and a real (Schaller) OFR for £500 doesn't exist. Even used, getting a guitar with those specs is hard. Make a compromise on the bridge.

A used LTD MH-1000. It has EMG's, but a FR-1000 bridge.
Avoid Schecter. They're very overpriced in the UK.
PRS Torero used. Same specs as the MH, but not very PRS-like. EMG's, FR-1000
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My suggestion for a compact guitar capable of doing what you want would be one of the Steinbergers. The only thing is I don't know what kind of trem they use.

Their headless design may look funny, but they're generally well made. Entry level models start at $400US, the high end topping out around $1700US. The one they call the Demon has a more "metal" appearance, but AFAIK, does not come trem equipped. OTOH, it IS a baritone with Steinberger's integrated capo system, so you can go from bari to standard scale in seconds.
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Ok, thanks for the suggestions but it sounds like I'm not gonna get what i'm looking for on that budget. I might just stick to my razorback for now. Cheers.
Yeah man, hold off a little bit longer so you can get the guitar you want. In the long run, settling never works out.
You might be able to get a Jim Root tele for around that.
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Dude, you don't have to put your axe in the trunk. Do you have a convertible with no back seat?

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If you want a guitar with EMG pickups and Floyd Roses, then you will have a choice between ESP's, Schecter or PRS guitars. If you are looking for a high-end guitar with a good tremolo bridge, then a ESP Horizon FR-II or a Schecter Hellraiser FR-II will help you. If you are looking for a budget-based guitar, get one of the PRS Torero's with Floyd Roses.
However, be mindful that you might have to spend a bit over your planned budget to get one of the good guitars. If you don't think you're going to get what you want in your region, you might want to give up some of the factors to get what's within your budget range. If you are giving up Floyd Roses, then I recommend getting an ESP KH-1 with EMG's. And vice-versa, if you are giving up EMG's instead of Floyd Roses, then I recommend getting a Charvel Pro Mod So-Cal, Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas, Fender Blacktop Floyd Rose Stratocaster, or a Jackson Dinky. And the list goes on.
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I would sell the car and buy a van and keep the guitar I already have....