How do you go about transcribing layered guitar parts? For example, I'm trying to learn Now I'm here by queen, and I'm stuck on the "whatever came of you and me" part. I just can't seem to hear what the guitar is playing.
I don't want someone to do the work for me, but rather tips for figuring things like that on my own.
Another good example is Clapton's cocaine. The first part of the solo I've got, but I'm having some trouble when the second guitar comes in.
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1) Use headphones for parts that are difficult to discriminate.
2) Try to catch the outer voices of the guitar chords, they are usually the easiest to hear. Now you have the general movement, here its a circle of fifth sequence, and just need to fill the
3)middle voices. Maybe you can get them by "sound". Does it maybe sound like a powerchord or root with 3rd at the bottom? Set a loop at your player and try to focus on the different voices of the chord.