This might look familiar to anyone over on SSO >_> And I apologize in advance for the picture size. Deal with it.

So it would seem that after waiting a over a year (and counting) for my first 7 to get built, I might get impatient. That's still in quite a few pieces, but this, however, is not. Despite being shipped to me by UPS.

This 2004 Schecter 007 Elite has been the object of my GAS for some time now. After having missed out on several similar guitars on eBay and Guitar Center due to... well, having no money, a nice trade, sale, and a little bit of a gambling problem finally resulted in finally getting some extra cash to shove at GC's used section. And in return receive said double-o-sexy, a day early no less.

Enough words! Have more pictures.

So, needless to say, I love it, although upon receiving it, it was strung with I believe a 74 on the low string. A bit overwhelming for what I plan on doing with it. So I've got a new set coming in. Waiting time Came with what I think is a D-Sonic in the bridge. Haven't pulled it yet, but it seems to have a minor wiring issue to be taken care of when the new strings come in, so I can have everything set up and ready to go at once. My eventual goal is to possibly get some BKPs in it. But you know, money and all that, and a certain habit of not being able to keep GAS from happening long enough to upgrade what I already have. So for the time being, I'm very, very happy with it.

And one more picture, for the record... the family:

With more to come. In time, anyway.
Very very comfortable, to say the least. In terms of 7s, I'd only had experience with my boyfriend's WG-587 to compare it to, and some Avenger 7 in a guitar center that felt nearly the same, and this is a hell of a lot more comfortable than those. Thinner than expected, and the transition from my 6s to this was super easy.
Quote by sadSTATUE
That's on my list to get as well

Im actually getting rid of my 006 elite. Amazing guitar but I rather have a fender strat that I can throw some d activators in.

But you gotta love the fret access on the 006's and 007's.
I like that body shape. HNGD!

BTW, your 12 string is teh sex...
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I knew it! A Schecter 007 :p

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