Alright, my first post on UG!

I'm ordering a custom Jackson King V with a lot of cool stuff on it.
Here come the questions:

At first, I wanted an EMG 85/81 set, but I've decided to swap the 85 for a
Fernandes FSK-101 sustainer. It says it functions as an OK neck pickup too,
is this true? And, would it be an active or a passive?

I want coil splits for both pickups, so is it possible to wire one to the Sustainer?

I want an Original Floyd Rose, but I'm wondering about having it recessed or not.
That's because I really want an EVH D-Tuna on there. But, that means I'll have to block
it. So I have to make a choice between pullups and droptuning. Any advice?

I like the feel of a 27'' neck, even though I'll be tuning in E standard / Drop D.
I'll play with Ernie Ball Power Slinkies or Beefy Slinkies, so I was wondering if
the 0.011 strings combined with the 27'' scale in E standard would give too much tension?


Ok, so I'm going for the D-Tuna, guess I'll have to get a Tremol-No for it. How about switching the Tremol-No to hardtail / dive-only for the D-tuna, and just sliding the D-tuna in and then switching to fully floating? To me it seems that it shouldn't mess up the Floyd that way (assuming you aren't pulling the D-tuna out while in fully floating mode). Would some additional routing for the slid in D-tuna make pullups possible?
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The fernandes can't be split as far as I know, but if you have it in the same guitar as an emg it will run off the same battery as the 81/85/89 or whatever you put in the bridge. And just personally, I found the d tuna a lot more useful than pullups. Albeit I just never liked doing them, maybe you do. Its just my opinion.

And ill second the notion of 11s tuned standard e is too much. I use 9s or 10s (max) for the tuning you described. Going as thick as 11 may actually cause some setup problems and likely add a bit of extra stress to the truss rod and guitar itself.
*insert witty statement here*