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I have this kewl 320 euro Les Paul Custom made by a French music store called Paul Beuscher, I bought it in 2009. I'm really attached to it, since it was my first real guitar that I could call my own...
Anyway, it seemed to be working fine until recently. I noticed it had tuning problems, and I kinda have the impression that the neck is slightly warped at the top - in which case I'm f'd, right?
It's also not well set up...but the thing is...on the e and B strings, I start losing signal with the higher frets, if you know what I mean...and this is only recent (it started after the tuning problems)...i don't know if setting it up will help...
what should I do?
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Tuning problems could be down to the machine heads, do they feel really loose? Where do you keep it? If the neck has warped, it could be because it has been lent against it, or maybe left next to some form of heat source! What do you mean by losing signal? Like the strings stop ringing out?
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warped neck doesn't mean it's ruined... some truss rod, saddle ajustments should do the trick. you said you're not sure about setting it up. but i've been telling this to a lot of people... when in doubt, just go to the guitar store and let them fix it.
Hmm, well the machine heads are decent, I don't think that's the problem...but some truss rod adjusting might solve it indeed...I guess I should just have it fixed up...but I thought that if the neck is warped there's nothing you can do.
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Sometimes there isn't anything you can do, try taking it to a shop to see what they say
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Tuning machines are seldom the problem with tuning problems. Cheap tuners will make it more difficult to get into tune, but once there, they seldom slip. If you don't believe me, put a vice-grip on a tuner post and try to get it to move. You can't. (don't try this on a good guitar)

Tuning problems are usually a problem with the nut... slots are not cut right, and the string binds. The second most common problem is the strings aren't wound right on the posts or maybe they haven't stretched out yet, or they may hang up on string trees. On guitars with tremolos, there may be something catching there as well.

As for losing signal, that could be a variety of things, but it probably has nothing to do with your truss rod, so don't go cranking on that if you don't know what you're doing. Take it to a tech to look at it. If you can't afford to do that there are some things to check to pinpoint the problem. There are tons of websites that can walk you through the process of properly setting up your guitar and doing basic troubleshooting. Google guitar setup and repair, and spend some time reading.

Normally a slightly warped neck doesn't cause a lot of problems. When I say warped, I mean with a twist. I have two guitars that have a slight twist, and they play just fine after being set up. Necks that have too much up or down curvature (relief) can be adjusted with the truss rod. If it curves to one side or another.... well, that would be a problem, but I don't think I've ever seen that.
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If you're experiencing notes dying out on the strings in the higher registers I'd say the truss rod needs a look. I hope you haven't been leaning the guitar against anything but a proper guitar stand.

For tuning problems how old are the strings?
Moving on.....
Problem solved, it was just incredibly not-set up thanks everyone!
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