Hey guys

So it's like this. I'd been playing my Gibson ES-339 which was set up at the store and i hadn't changed it since i'd got it even though i knew the neck was quite underbowed. But yesterday my guitar teacher decided to help me. He straightened the neck and lowered the setup but it got quite bad. The G string started to buzz and i didn't like the lower setup all that much. I tried loosening the neck and raising the bridge but it still isn't the way it used to be and the high strings sound a bit dead and also when i loosened it up, it even seemes that it only curved from one side.

Any thoughts guys? I'm really bummed out, i love this guitar :/
"Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan

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might be the wrong section though...
"Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan

Wow.. sometimes the best intentions yield the worst results...

I'd take it into a guitar tech and have him fix it for you... then politely say Hell No!!! when your teacher offers to "Fix" it for you again...

if the neck is "Twisting", it's a pretty serious problem... I'd definately have it looked at by someone that knows his stuff...
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