Create Your Own Adventure, Part 1: Awakening (contains lucid dreaming and cool shit)

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If you want to become a writer, simply write a section once the voting is done (given that no one else has already called writing the section). The readers and writers will then decide whether or not you're good enough.

If someone says they're going to write next, give them 48 hours to post their section. It seems like a long time, but I think our fans are loyal enough to wait that long. Once the 48 hours has passed, the next section is up for grabs.

If you're going to write, please make a post stating so.

It's time for a decent CYOA. Most of the CYOA threads in the past year have died pretty quickly. I hope it's just due to inadequate writers and such, because these threads can be great.

Meh, that being said, let's get some background info on the story. Let's name the main character Simon. Pussy name? I think not. Whatever. He's a bored, cynical, angsty, guitar playing teenager, much like you people. So original, I know. Let's face it though, most CYOA writers don't even give their characters personalities. Every night, Simon traverses his dream world (i.e., lucid dreams, but said fancily), in order to escape the blandness and boredom of every day life, pretty much. He ain't a happy dude. But his dream world is alive. Blah blah pretentious shit, let's get on to the story.


The black night above was wavering under the lightness of its own being, and the shrouded woods below flickered in and out of existence; great mountains trembled under their own weight, and snaking between them, a dark river cut a path so deep that it may as well have been an abyssal chasm. Surrounded by the unreality was a consciousness holding it all together, a consciousness now careening past it all, feeling more alive here than it ever had in the body of its owner. The night air here was crisp and invigorating as it rushed past the consciousness, parting its false lips and breathing life into its false lungs. Every constituent smell of nature was distinguishable here, enchanting the senses - the smell of autumn on the dying leaves, the earthy smell of moss-covered logs, the cleansing scent of fresh river water. The world was awake.

Though night had fallen long ago and dawn was far off, signs of life manifested themselves in the forest below. Branches shuddered as birds skipped between them, singing; bushes rustled as rodents scurried through them; sticks and leaves cracked underneath the paws of predators and prey, stalking each other relentlessly; and sometimes, entire clusters of trees became possessed by their roots, undulating as if to the silent music of a dizzying dance. The consciousness dove in among them so that it could too partake in the dance.

It threaded dangerously quickly through the tight forest maze, breaking through even the thickest of branches with its speed; and when it seemed like the consciousness would smash into a trunk, ending its journey with a horrific collision, it simply closed its eyes and willed the tree away - It really was this easy. One second, the tree was there, advancing with alarming speed, and then it was gone, as if it hadn't existed at all. The consciousness continued jetting through the thicket.
It was its favorite place to come after a long, arduous day spent asleep. Those long and arduous days were beginning to occur more frequently, but it could not be said why. Nothing in Simon's life patterns had -

The consciousness reeled back from the thought and suddenly planted it's feet on the ground. It focused on a lone tree and placed an ephemeral hand on the bark, rough and sticky to the touch. It hadn't willed the sap there, which was odd... No, go with it. The consciousness concentrated on a single crack in the bark, gripping the tree solidly. The world stabilized itself, going from wavering and murky to steady and sharp, and with that the consciousness lifted itself off the ground and began flying again.

As if the fluctuation had never occurred, the world returned from the edge of collapse into a frenzy of life willed by the consciousness. The moon cast its white shadow into the woody valley, illuminating lightly the breath of shuddering trees, which murmured to each other through the wind with their thin foliage-covered branches. The essence of life was almost palpable in the air, like a hanging humidity, exuded by the life below. Through the mist birds could be seen scurried back and forth between branches, sometimes diving down to find feed, probably in the form of insects and such, though the consciousness had never specified. He had simply willed a natural ecological system in the valley, and it had worked. Perhaps everything but evolution was accounted for. Bears, wolves and cougars made up the top of the food chain here - humans were nowhere in sight, a very deliberate exclusion. The gears of this world would turn infinitely, so long as the consciousness still had a place to operate from.

Sunlight suddenly cut through the cloud-cover, flooding over the jagged mountaintops, splashing color onto the world below. Everything, for a moment, shone beautifully with shades from the entire visible spectrum, nature's potential reached within just a second of exposure to light.


The flood surged and smashed through the clouds, blinding the consciousness. The world was dowsed with white. Under the cascade, the the sky melted, mountains disintegrated, trees toppled, the entire landscape was washed away, leaving the consciousness floating, awakening...

* * * *

Simon awoke with the sun glaring into his eyes. He turned over in his bed and hid under the sheets, but not without seeing that it was 8:00 AM. Fifteen minutes before his alarm for school, which started at 9 AM.

He couldn't believe he forgot to close the blinds last night. Getting woken up by the sun like that was the worst thing ever. The position of his bed with respect to the window didn't help either. He would have to shift it, one day.

The house was quiet. His mom and dad had both already left for work.

Well, 45 minutes until the bus comes. What now?


A) Shower and all that good stuff.
B) Fap
C) Surf UG
D) Go the **** back to sleep

Takes five votes to win.
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As long as fap is an option it mjust be chosen. No exceptions.
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A) Shower and all that good stuff.

(Fap in shower, righ'?)

Can fap first, then fap again in shower.
It's how I roll, anyway.
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Three votes to win.

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Mine was better.

/Didn't read.

I remember it. Something about getting beat up in an alley by an Asian shopkeeper?

So far we have:

A: 1
B: 1
C: 0
D: 1
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Can't there be an 'E: All the above'. As in, go to sleep and dream about fapping in the shower to UG.
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A) Shower and all that good stuff.


Simon dragged himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom. His things lay sprawled out on top of the counter without any specific pattern - Not that he had many things, anyways. A toothbrush, some fancy toothpaste which he wasn't sure did any more than regular toothpaste, a container of floss, mouthwash which wasn't used very often, deodorant, a box of Q-tips, a soap dispenser by the sink, shaving cream, and a razor which usually went unused for weeks at a time. Simon did not understand why one would need any more than this on a bathroom counter. Although his own list may have seemed long to someone, Simon had seen much, much worse.

He began to shower. One of Simon's friends, Luke, had a bathroom counter covered in cosmetics. It was almost ridiculous. Simon had almost de-friended at that moment. What a sick bastard. Who needs that many scents anyways? If it was for attracting women, wouldn't it make more sense to make use of the familiarity principle and use one scent all the time? Or would the different scents attract different types of women on different nights? Maybe Simon was over-thinking it.

Luke, I'm thinking of your scent while showering. Simon laughed, imagining Luke's face if he said that to him. He wouldn't even explain it, he'd just let him puzzle over it for a few days. He was a pretty attractive guy, though.

I must really need to masturbate, judging by that thought.

He exited the shower, dried himself off, applied deodorant, got dressed in his usual attire (jeans and a hoodie [today he chose the Strapping Young Lad - City hoodie]), and then went downstairs to pour himself some cereal.

Upon opening the kitchen pantry, his eyes were drawn to the almond Oatmeal Crisp snuggled between the Cheerios and Kashi boxes. Each member of the family had their own cereal preference. His parents really did love their cereal. He thought he had seen his father eat some of his Oatmeal Crisp, once. No matter.

Hello cereal, Simon thought as he grabbed the box, I am going to eat you.

The cereal had no comment as it was poured into a bowl and doused with milk. I hope this won't affect our friendship.

The time was 8:21 AM. Still 24 minutes until the bus arrived. What now?


A) Watch porn and fap while eating cereal.
B) Surf UG while eating cereal.
C) Watch the news while eating cereal.
D) Ponder your existence while eating cereal.
Didn't read, but A.

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...TS have you possibly been playing a certain game called Cry of Fear?

Nope, never heard of it. I just googled some stuff, the main character's name is Simon. What else is similar to it?

Brb pub.
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Nope, never heard of it. I just googled some stuff, the main character's name is Simon. What else is similar to it?

Brb pub.
He's a cynical angsty teenager and he also has a crazy dreamworld thing going on. Sorry, just reminded me of it
Writing bros. Slightly drunk but I think that helps the situation.

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He's a cynical angsty teenager and he also has a crazy dreamworld thing going on. Sorry, just reminded me of it

That's pretty cool, actually.
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A) Watch porn and fap while eating cereal.


Today was a good day. Simon could tell by the fact that his dick got hard when he thought about ****ing his cereal. So almondy and wet. Almonds are healthy. He seriously needed to fap. And quickly.

He shuffled quickly upstairs to his room and opened his laptop quickly. Two tabs were already open in Chrome - UG and ****youidon' **** you that's not a direct link I can't get in trouble for that. Just in case, don't ****ing click it, or go there, because it's bad. Immoral and such. Simon opened the xvideos tab and clicked "Favorites." A list of amateur videos opened up before him, beckoning his pleasure. Amateur was much more enjoyable. Even if the girls were being taken advantage of half the time, their trust broken by ex-boyfriends... Who gives a **** anyways? Who knows, maybe some of the girls are breaking the ex-boyfriend's trust. No. That's stupid.

Simon clicked without thinking on the first video he saw. HOW WAS HE SUPPOSED TO EAT CEREAL WHILE DOING THIS? He had forgotten about the spoon. Then the solution occurred to him, as the video started with a young girl stripping and smiling at the camera. He would put the cereal on the desk, and eat with one hand, and fap with the other. Genius.

He still found it incredibly difficult. The cereal tasted good. The girl tasted like almonds. Damn, that guy's dick is pretty big. Who thought of these thin-sliced almonds anyways? So delicious. Simon's hand pumped up and down. Was this the high point of his day? Cereal and milk spilled onto his hoodie and trickled down to his crotch. Yes. Yes. I could never betray you, Oatmeal Crisp. Simon ignored the video and came to the touch of milky wetness on his crotch. He then cleaned up, filled with regret. The time was 8:40 AM. Did he really just spend twenty-something minutes doing that? ****.

Simon walked out to the bus stop, sufficiently calmed by his morning fap. At the bus stop stood two girls, two guys, who lived nearby. He had never bothered talking to the guys, though they were in his year. The two girls, he had obviously never talked to. One of them, however...

Was so incredibly beautiful, that Simon could barely comprehend how such a magnificent creature could exist in the plane of reality. Framed by long brown hair, her shy, freckled face was set with a sharp nose and soft grey eyes. Her mouth seemed naturally down-turned into a frown. What secrets did that mind hold?... She didn't seem like the other girls at his school, who seemed so preoccupied with pampering their faces with makeup and the like - And why would she need to, anyways? She was beautiful without it.

Simon was sure that, if he ever talked to her, she would end up disappointing him like the rest of humanity. Looks and behavior said nothing about a person. She could be just like the others. She probably wouldn't see anything too special about him, either. It was just the way things worked. Nothing is ever meant to be, it's all just... Randomness. The bus arrived, and the four of them got on the bus. Simon saw an empty spot beside the girl...


A) Sit beside the girl, obviously, and make conversation.
B) Sit in some other spot, and don't say anything.
C) Announce to the bus that you are pregnant with Kanye West's baby.
D) Punch the bus driver in the face and tell him he's a terrible person and a failure as a human being.
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because he needs to get laid.
Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
I had the blankest year,
I watched life turn into a TV show.
It was totally weird.
A, go for it Simon.
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And A wins. I like how this is turning out. I'll write at around... maybe 7:30 or 8 tonight. Busy with classes in between now and then.
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lol gay
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lol gay

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What do you guys think Simon is gonna say? I bet it'll be juuuust right.
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I swear this guy in particular writes for the telegraph or some shit.

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My name can actually be traced back to as early as the 1990s, it means "fuck off data miner"
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You have a problem? I'll give you a reacharound, you know.

no i only do shemales
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no i only do shemales

You won't be the one doing, if you get my meaning, dearie.
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
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You won't be the one doing, if you get my meaning, dearie.
Now grab your ankles and think of Christmas.



why god why!?!?!?
Oh god this is turning out great

We can experiment with Simon's life in ways we would never do with our own and the story is funny and interesting, let's see what Simon has to say to this girl
Hey guys, if you want to start writing for this, just let me know. You'll have to do an audition, by which I mean... Write the next section, post it, and then be judged by the readers and any other writers. We will decide whether or not you are worthy.

Someone is currently writing the next section as an audition. It may up later tonight, or tomorrow sometime.

Readers should sticky this thread.
It seemed as lucky a day as any. In Simon's case, someone who was a bit down on his luck, as it were, this isn't very lucky. Since his childhood, he had gone through disappointment after disappointment. Born gaunt and sickly, he was a fragile, frail thing all throughout his early years; and even now he is not the strongest of them all, physically or emotionally. His mother, a bright, ever-optimistic (sometimes foolishly so), bubbly sort of woman flashed into his head at this moment.

"You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take!"

That was one of those stupid old adages she used to say. She had one of those for every occasion, it seemed. To Simon it was a source of constant groans and sighs, but now that she was gone, he found it to be a source of comfort, remembering the sparkling smile and shining eyes that accompanied them. He patted down his hair, wiped his still milk-encrusted mouth with his shirtsleeve, and approached the beautiful girl in the most relaxed way he could muster, taking the empty seat next to her on the bus.

The girl looked up from her book. "Oh, well hello there." she crooned, with a voice as smooth and silky as the hair that embosomed her attractive features. "Are you ok?"
This isn't really something that most people would say to someone who approaches them. But Simon appeared as though he needed medical attention. He was petrified. What is there to say? The girl looked at him expectantly.


Awkward. So awkward. Not only did he barely choke the word out, but it was just a dumb thing to say. Already he regretted ever approaching the girl. However, to his surprise, she giggled. "Hahaha, yo. What's your name? I'm Melinda." Her mellifluous voice floated through SImon's ears like a drifting feather. Simon looked at her with sullen eyes. "Simon. I've never seen you around here before," he croaked. "Yeah, I just moved here a couple days ago. I'm from Massachusetts," she responded. "Hey, is that Oatmeal Crisp? Part of this balanced breakfast?" She was referring, of course, to the piece of dried-up cereal hanging from Simon's collar.

'Shit, I must not have noticed it before I walked up to her...', he thought to himself. The nervous Simon laughed softly, but in his head he was mortified. He withheld the large lump that had garnered in his throat from descending his gullet. "I like mine with milk and fresh strawberries, I eat it every morning while I'm watching the news," she continued. "How do you like yours?"

Simon remembered back to just a few hours before, eating with one hand and jerking off with the other. He recalled that some of his flyaway jizz had made its way into his mouth while he was still chewing on a bite of the cereal. "I like mine...frosted." he said flatly.

"I like those too!", chirped Melinda.

Simon bends down to tie his shoe. As he does the laces, he notices something horrifying on the girl's leg...
A. A horrible, hairy mole the size of Kansas, a mole that is such a disgustingly putrid brown and with such a fetid stench of necrotic flesh that it makes Simon vomit "frosted" Oatmeal Crisp all over her shoes.
B. A tattoo of a swastika. Not the Buddhist kind.
C. The deformed, one-eyed face of a baby, jutting out of her leg like a knot in a tree. It lets out a thick groan.
D. Cancerous AIDS with maggots and shit.