Here's a tentative version of an acoustic song that I've been working on. I'll be formalizing it and adding bass/drums in the future, but hey, what do you think?


[edit] For reference, I'm aiming for something to the effect of Led Zeppelin with "The Rain Song", or at the very least, the style of Jimmy Page's fingerstyle work. Thank you for listening!
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Nice work, great fingerpicking. If you're going to add bass and drums, keep them pretty low-key, the original part is too nice to get drowned out
iIf you're interested, I've been trying to work a little fingerstyle into my songs, the link's here:
Phoenix has the most of the fingerpicking in it
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Always up for some C4C, been compared to Frank Turner, The Cure's Robert Smith and Bruce Springsteen so check out my stuff if you like the sound of that