Been playing bass for some time now on and off and I'm now playing bass in my band but my fender rumble 15 doesn't quite cut it, what bass amp should I get for pratice/Small-medium sized gigs? My budget is round about £340 and I play funk/alternative rock/indie. (Preferably I want to buy new as well)
I've played an ashdown five fifteen stack and fender rumble 150 so far but what other bass amps should I look into?
Maybee look at an acoustic b100 or b200. I'd go with the rumble 150, but that's just me.
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Look to buy second hand. A friend of mine sold an old Peavey MkIII and a 2x15 for £180 on ebay a few weeks back. The cab was a back breaker but the sound was great and loud enough for any gig. Peavey stuff is pretty bullet proof so old stuff is usually OK but this is true of a lot of the big name stuff. I picked up an Ashdown Mag600 for £180 (it was new but the last of the pre EVO's) and something like that would leave you plenty for a speaker. Loads of cheap 15's and 4x10's in the UK as people upgrade to lightweight cabs. There's a couple of Trace Elliots for silly low money on ebay at the moment and an Ashdown 5/15 going for £33! with less than a day to go. Have fun.
I am a big fan of Acoustic amps I have a b600 810. But have also played the smaller ones the B100 and b200. They make a good amp IMO.
Since you're in the UK, Acoustic may be hard to come by.

But you could have a look at Warwick BC150 or the GK MB line (as well as the Ashdown and fender you already mentioned).
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