This was recently given to me -

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I know it's obviously an Alvarez of some kind, probably late 80's to early 90's, but I haven't been able to identify the model. I've seen a few that were similar, but they were acoustic only and lacked the inlay on the twelfth fret (and they also were unknown models). Anyone have any idea?
I don't know what you're looking at (unless it's the headstock which is just the standard Alvarez inlay), but there's no label anywhere on it. Inside there's a serial number (that I've had no luck decoding, I may have to directly contact Alvarez, it's 810069), and "Alvarez Hand Made" etched into the wood, but that's it.
far as i can see, its a standard alvarez regent series cutaway dread. tobacco sunburst. mid 80's due to the electronics location, maybe earlier. i think thats around the time they started using labels. value is about 150 bucks.
I dunno, never seen a Regent that thin or one with that inlay. I shot Alvarez an e-mail, so hopefully I'll get an answer sooner or later.
They e-mailed me back already; it's apparently a 1985 Fusion (5082), made in Japan. It was their first thinline Fusion. Can't find anything about them at all on the internet except for one for sale for $320.