yeah so i covered this, i really dont like myself for doing it cause i kinda ruined it lol.
this is the first time i tried recording in my upper register, and well its late so it sounds like crap. Just in general though im still working on my upper register so it sounds bad.
other than that i know some timing is off but yeah


crits comments concerns, would be appreciated.

c4c of course
Hi, and thanks for your crit on my video. I really appreciate it

I liked your cover. Patience is a great song, with nice, free-flowing guitar work, which you managed to replicate, so really good job on that.

As for the vocals, they were good, and that echo-ey effect suited the song well. I felt the vocals could have been just a tiny bit more louder. Also, at the end the vocals went a bit off, and ended up sounding a bit like Dave Mustaine :P . Nah, but really, it isn't easy to sing as high as Axl , so don't worry.

Keep up the good work \m/
Not bad man, you always seem to do a good job on your covers! The guitar work was done very well and I liked the effect you had on the vocals. Your singing wasnt bad but next time I'd maybe reccommend lowering the key of the song. You did sound a little uncomfortable singing this one so it would make a big difference. However Axel has a very wide vocal range so I understand how hard it can be to try and cover a song like this. Either way I think you did a good job. Keep plugging away as always! Again if you wouldnt mind doing a C4C it's always appreciated
hey thanks guys! yeah on a normal day i would of just sang it down an octive but i was kind of in a "f this f that" kinda mood so i just went ahead and did it. Thanks again i shall check out your stuffs
Not bad, man.
Kind of disappointed in the humming instead of whistling, but nothing on your talent.
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lol im disappointing in myself actually. unfortunately i reallllly cant whistle, no matter how hard i tried to do it, my whistling is really breathy. Thank you though!
I've never heard the original so I can't compare but this sounded good. You have a nice voice that compliments the acoustic guitar well. Also, personally I liked the humming, I thought it suited the feel of the track.
This sounds great, man. I enjoyed listening to it.
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Okay I am very familiar with this song. The guitar is sounding good. You did a great job with the chords and rhythm of the song. I am not a fan of the slap back style delay on your vocals. I think some simple reverb would have served you better. You voice is good pitch wise and tone wise. You sing with emotion and it comes through on this recording. At the last verse of the song it sounds like you weren't very confident with the higher notes. They sounded good man so I suggest to you to really try and belt them out. I dig it man! Good job keep it up.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1539366
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