Really just guitars and added drum machines...
but yeah, did this on a whim because i thought 'hey why not., everyones herd it at one point"

anyway. just continuing my spam of old newish covers, just to get them off and about.

Used a toneport ux1 with original packs (as per all my covers).
Ezdrummer as my drumming vst, one fo the last recording with ez, i know have superior, but felt this was good enough to pass).

Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal (hell yeah!).

i know i ended this song prematurely but it was done this way because that's the what we( old band) would end it live. and i know i could have cut the bass..but i felt it added some merit to leaving it in and fading it...though i could easily fix that , i think a cover is a cover and unless someone is willing to overdub vox, i'll edit but for now, her it is.

Metallica - Enter Sandman (click)
It's very good. I like your tone, but maybe you could turn the distortion just a bit lower?
Your timing is very good, and all the bass fills sounded very good . You've mixed it well too. The solo was well played, but the timing was just a bit off in between I think. Overall, it was very good.

Could you please check out any one of my Metallica bass covers? I'd appreciate your criticism

Enter Sandman:

My Friend of Misery:

Thanks! and keep up the good work
Hey epicold!

First off, definitely a solid cover to say the least. I enjoyed listening to it. The wah sounded great. Did you just plug the guitar into the wah pedal, then the pedal into the instrument input of the UX1? I'm glad someone else uses the toneport besides me

Only suggestion I would really make is turn the gain JUST a tad. But you did a great job of panning things out and that drum program actually sounds really good. Have you used any other drum programs before? And did you just record the bass on your own?

Great job!

Could you check out my cover and critique it as well? Thanks man! Keep rockin' \m/