Hello all. I recently purchased a 1961 Epiphone Casino Reissue. (great guitar, I love it)

The front strap button is at the neck/body joint area.

I have a Levy Leather strap 2.5 inches wide, with a narrow adjustable portion.


I attached my strap without strap locks. I put the "fat end" of the strap on the front/neck button. And the smaller adjustable part of the strap on the rear button.

Couple of problems.....

First, I have the strap extended to maximum length on the Casino. It barely is long enough on the Casino. On my Les Paul, it is fine because the front strap button is up high on the body of the guitar.

Also with the fat/wide leather end connected to the front strap button, the strap rubs the guitar back/edge as it comes up toward my neck. (and binds a little around where it comes past the edge of the guitar) I am afraid over time, this will wear the finish and edge binding down. (sorry, not into the worn look)

If I reverse the strap and put the narrow/adjustable end on the front button of the casino, it doesn't rub the guitar. But, it doesn't fit me well in this orientation. The narrow end extends all the way to my neck area and hurts.

Should I move the front strap button location (I really don't want to do this, even if I use a luthier. epecially since it is a limited edition model). Different strap options? Or what I think I need is a narrow "strap extender" to come a couple inches off the next strap. And then connect into my Levy Strap.

Anyway, looking for thoughts and suggestions.

different strap.

not all straps are right for every guitar. keep it for the les paul.

time to go casino strap shopping.

congrats, post pics.
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try a bunch and see what's comfortable.

most shops have a casino in store so you shouldn't be troubled bringing your guitar.

edit: well assuming you live near a major city.
Quote by gswilder@gmail.

I attached my strap without strap locks.


Ok.. got that out of my system... But theres another reason... For my epi Riviera (pretty much the same setup as far as where the strap buttons are) the first day I got it, i put my strap on it, and same situation... the strap was rubbing on the guitar... But, when I installed my dunlop straplocks, it moved the strap far enough away from the guitar that it didn't rub anymore... to get it to hang at the right hight, I had to try several different straps starting with what I told the guy at Guitar Center... "Show me the longest strap you have and an epiphone dot..." The dot's cheap enough that he didn't mind me trying strap after strap on it, and after about 12, I found it... now if I could find it, I'd tell you which one it is... (the perils of having a kid that also plays guitar... LOL)
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