So my nitro lacquer coats have cured and I start wet sanding and buffing in the morning. I have never done this before! Basically im looking for tips, for example how much pressure to apply how to know when to move on to the next grit etc. I have everything from 600 grit to 2500 soaking in mineral spirits overnight. As far as buffing what sort of stuff do you use and is it the kinda of stuff i can just run down to home depot for?

for changing to higher grits. you will hear and feel when its time to change. dont push too hard or stay in the same place too long. when wiping down the body while sanding.. dont use the same rag,cloth, paper towel. prievious grits will leave residue on the cloth. - scratching the clear while using finer sandpaper

buffing compound. i cant suggest any. dont know what is available where you are