Hey guys, i'm looking at adding a couple of pedals to help me live. my current chain is:
Amp > Line6 Dl4 > Boss Rv-2 > MXR Carbon Copy > Ibanez Fl-9 > Red Witch Pentagonal Tremolo > Line6 Fm-4 > Boss Od-1 > Red Witch Ruby > Marshall Shredmaster > Boss Ns-2 > DigiTech Whammy > Guitar

I am looking to add an EQ and a Compressor, possibly a boost pedal too. Specifically a Boss eq or MXR 6 band and MXR Dyna comp.

I need to stand out a little more as sometimes I get a little lost in the mix, also want my picking to sound fuller, hence the comp.

Any help with placing/suggesting these pedals would be appreciated, cheers
Well most people tend to place the compressor first (as in the first thing the guitar signal hits), which is where it makes the most sense really.
EQ could go several places depending on what you want from it. When I use mine, I use it in the amps FX loop to fine tune the shape of my tone there.
Just place it behind whatever it is that you want to change the tone on.

Btw...you need a tuning pedal!
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