Here's another song I wrote with my old band, A Suicide Alibi. It's one of the ones I liked more, because it had a guitar solo and not a million breakdowns. Check it out below:

He Who Creates

As always, there's more on my SoundCloud and artist pages in my sig if you liked it.

I do C4C, just point me to where you want me to review.
I like it. What program did you use for the drums? Have you tried turning the bass down and giving it a dirtier sound?
Something your should mess around with are vst plugins for that guitar tone, i recommend using cab impulses (kefir vst with catharsis pack) message me if u would like a little package of goodies to work with, the impulses will make your tone less "digitally" distorted, and more "Driven" distorted, even an amp sim might work for ya! (also add a high pass filter of 80h at -7db, and a low pass at 14k at -7 db on your guitars) sometimes for beginners and recording, seperating drum tracks as seperate .wav files and re inserting them into your song allows alot more editing (being that ez drummer can be flat as cardboard) the kick drum should have some mids cut and a little treble and bass boost.

...and it also sounded like the guitars weren't recorded on the bridge pickup for some reason. but OTHER THAN ALL THAT BS I STATED, very decent song man!

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