Hullo again UG,
I used to be a regular in here a few years back but havn't been about for quite some time and have a rather unusual question I would like some help with. A few years back i started doing medeival re-enactment, one of the interests that I picked up through this was in historical instruments and music. To that end I have started a new project to build a copy of a 6th century Lyre (orgonal HERE , another re-construction HERE , what they sound like HERE )

The problem That I have is that I'm unsure in what order to do things, whether I chould cut the body out and then rout or to do it the other way around. The reason I ask here rather than another forum is that the skills needed in making this instrument are more akin to a solid body elctric in many respects than to a normal acoustic instrument. to make my problem clearer I'll show you the cutting pattern I'm using.

As you can see the sound chamber extends quite a way up the arms of the lyre and I'm not sure how possible it will be to rout that out accurately, The other issue is that over the top of the sound hole is the sound board which is 4mm thick oak and will need to have the area below where it will on the body sit planed down so that it will sit flush with the rest of the body. Would this interfere with the routing as well or am I just being paranoid?

Thanks again UG from a long lost member

PS if people are interested and would like to see this rather unusual build I will start a new thread to document the progress
you could do it either way. cut out the cavity then shape the body. or shape the body then cut the cavity.then put your oak top over it.
the overall size of the thing has enough space to securly fit a routing template.
how would I go about making the routing template? It's not something I'v ever done before.

EDIT: never mind, my google-fu came through for me :p
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when i make template i use acrylic. mdf and plywood.
mdf 6-9mm thick, acrylic 8mm thick. plywood. 12 & 18mm thick.
most people use just mdf or plywood alone
i prefer acrylic and plywood

draw or printout and glue the design to the mdf. cut out the shape.
after im happy with curves ect. i double tape that to the acrylic and do the same.
and again for the plywood using the acrylic

making one for the outer shape and one for the cavities
cutting acrylic with a router works surprizingly easy.

when routing the sound hole cavity on the lyre. drill out as much wood as possible.. make routing alot easier and faster