Do you already own a guitar? If yes and you already know how to play a bit and definitely wish to spent alot of time on it then save up for something better like a Yamaha Pacifica 112v, if you don't and you are a complete beginner than its a relatively cheap investment for something that wont be spectacular but will do for now, until you're willing to invest more.
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The general rule is that most "packs" come with pretty crap gear. How much are you looking to spend to get started? Also, Silvertone isn't a very good brand...at all. People here are actually really helpful so we can probably point you in the right direction. We need to know these things though.

What type of music do you want to play? Any specific bands?
Where are you located?
Willing to buy used?

You can get some great starter gear if you are willing to buy used. A lot of companies make some great, inexpensive guitars to start on, and can be found even cheaper used.
I actually started on one of the ss10 pack about 8 years ago...for what mine was worth it was alright, wish I would've kept it actually. I've played newer variations of it and they're downright horrible nowadays...playability, sound, etc. Listen to what shecter guy said.
Squier strat pack or epiphone les paul special II pack are my reccomendations. I'm sure someone will come along and swat those ideas down but look into those. Two very solid beginner packs imo.