I apologies if there is like 300 different threads on people asking where to start.
But I find people's situations a little different from mine.

My Grandfather recently past away, and he has a garage of old work tools he used - stuff like a Pillar Drill and a belt sander , and assorted saws.

I was just hovering over the idea of Building my own Acoustic guitar - and whether you need an apprenticeship in wood work or not, as I...well... All I've built really is a book ends and a candle holder - owe and a wooden lamp- so I'm not really a master Wood worker.

I haven't got access to a band saw - I mean I have - at my school, but Students are not allowed to use it, so I haven't really got any access - so that's electric guitars out of question, but frankly I was ore interested in building acoustic guitars...

I have a Jig Saw, and an old dremel...

So , do you think I should try to build one, or am I wasting my Time?

I hear you have to be patient - which is a little problem for me - I own a marine Fish tank, and Have to wait months on end to test water conditions and rock placement, when adding in new fish or corals - so I'm pretty patient - just don't get me waiting 3 years to complete one fret inlay on a guitar

I have never done anything like this - I'm more a computer man.... Infact Ithink my school has a CHC machine - so maybe I could just design something in 3DS max and carve it out using the computer (I'm looking into becoming a 3D Graphics artist and programmer)

So yeah.... Opinions?

And owe...I was thinking of doing just a buff guitar out of plywood for my first attempt - that is, if there is going to be another.... And I have £400 in the bank - £160 is for my new Washburn wd10s
you can build an electric with a jigsaw! I do. I wouldn't make it out of plywood, if you want to be cheap use maple or pine. Be sure to get a book on this, and ask around to other people/woodworkers who could help you ot.
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.
Don't go for plywood. You can get cheap basswood bodies from around £30, and it'll be better quality than ply.
I don't own a bandsaw either but i'm on my second build - i just used a jigsaw instead.
Cool - I wouldn't of thought a Jigsaw would be long enough - or well, I though it was for wood with a depth of only a couple of millimetres... But I suppose if the blade is long enough....

I was more interested in Acoustic , but electric Strat looks easy enough (Touch wood )
All you need is the correct body shape , a correct holes from the Router,
And a Neck which you can buy templates of, and hey presto...
I'm pretty handly with a soldering iron too - Fixed my mum's Key Fob for her car once, and Have don various modifications to my old play station portable.