Help me out here UG drummers,

I am about to buy a new set of double pedals, but i am not sure between these two pedals. IRON COBRA or DW5002
do u have any better pedals for suggestion, my budget is limited to similar pedals.

i have experienced the low-end mapex raptor pedals, but now i want something better.
plz suggest...
Well, I own both, and I personally would recommend the iron cobra. The reason is that, I don't even play in a metal band, but I somehow managed to break the pedal for the main kick, right at the base. These are supposed to be high quality pedals, and my first double kick (a cheap sound percussion) lasted longer.

So, I recommend the Iron Cobra. I also really like the bounce-back spring it has. Heel-toe is so easy on these.
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Go with the 5000, I used to own an Iron Cobra but it wasn't as responsive as the DW5000 in my opinion plus I broke one of them (Though Tama kindly sent me a replacement) when the chain attachment snapped off the footplate. The 5000 is just lighter, more responsive, and even though the Iron Cobra is almost just as smooth, I'd still take the 5000. My only problem, and it's with both of them actually (Mainly the IC), is that the footplate is too short and sometimes makes heel-toe a little awkward.

Also, now that I've remembered, take a look at the Gibraltar and Yamaha direct drive pedals, they're actually pretty good. The Gibraltar 9611DD and the Yamaha FP9500D.
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Quote by Niiko
Go with the 5000, I used to own an Iron Cobra but it wasn't as responsive as the DW5000 in my opinion

I agree with this, I had a DW5000 a few years ago, sublime pedal. I've also played various Iron Cobra pedals at gigs and during lessons, I;ve always hated their feel, kinda sluggish and floppy. Maybe it was their set up but it was on every pedal IC I've played and yes, I've heard stories of them breaking quite easily.
I'd also look at a Yamaha Flying Dragon, superb pedals which can be picked for a song 2nd hand on Ebay, massively under rated pedals.