Anyone have any suggestion? Is the loop station by Boss any good? I was thinking about getting one of those. Should I pay a lot if I get one? I want to try to make my own songs and I think this will help me out a lot doing that, especially without a back-up rhythm guitarist.
If you just want to mess around by yourself an RC-2 is fine, I had one for a while. If you want to use it live, or in practice, or even to build complex songs, I would go for something with at least two footswitches like the RC-20XL. For some other alternatives look at the Digitech Jamman and the Akai Headrush.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I have the boss rc-2 loop station. Does pretty much everything you want with a beginning looper station. Solid construction... I got it off ebay for 90 bucks.

Recently though I have been inspired by this guy to maybe get something more powerful.

tubetime... have you heard of the boomerang loop pedal? Is it any good?
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Well for making your own songs most people use a DAW and lay down separate tracks, then edit them. But you can make your own songs with a looper. The songs in the link in my sig are nearly all done with a looper. I personally like the looper in the Zoom G3 because it works with the built in drum machine.

I recently picked up the Boss RC-50 from Craigslist for $250. It has the advantage of 3 independent loops and a drum machine. There are several things to consider when deciding, but found the simplicity, portability, and the built in FX on the G3 to make it attractive for getting into looping.
RC-2 is ok, RC-3 is better if you want a lot of tracks, RC-30/RC-50 is way better if you want to use it live, and RC-300 is even better for gigging. I use the RC-3 for bedroom practice and it does everything I need so far, but I'm a guitar noob too. Go for an RC-3 if you can afford it, they're like $200.00 USD new at GC's. The JamMan stereo is pretty cool too, can use SD cards so moving things from 'puter to looper is a bit easier for most people.
Since you said you wanted the looper to make your own songs, this may raise some additional questions. Mainly... what is the rig that you will be working with and how will you record it?

The songs that I did with my Zoom G3 are recorded direct into a handheld recorder. I could also record into the computer with the G3's USB interface. If you use a regular looper like the Boss or Jamman then you have more considerations. Why? because a multifx like the Zoom G3 has amp and cab modeling. This means the sound is ready to be recorded direct.

When you use a standard looper you need to understand how it fits into your rig to work properly. For example if you have an amp (with or without pedals) then you need to mic the amp into the looper, then run the looper into an audio interface. Or you can put the looper in the amp's fx loop and mic the amp into the audio interface.

However if you mic the amp into the looper you won't hear the loops unless you monitor the looper. If you put the looper in the FX loop of the amp then the amp's speaker will slightly degrade the loop and muddy the tone as you add overdubs. If you have drums on the looper then running in the FX loop will be even worse.
Yeah, and if you are going to add numerous instruments you may want to consider a looper that has the capability to have more than one recorded track, a true "stereo looper" with multiple tracks. The Boss RC-3 is stereo, but just one track, so both channels play the exact same thing. If you get into a unit with multi tracks, you can play drums and such through a seperate channel into a seperate amp so they sound right. And all the guitar tracks can go into your guitar amp along with whatever FX you want to use....Or you can have multiple guitar loops with different FX for each guitar.... just a thought for you to ponder...