The Bugs are better than the Marshall. The MA isnt too famous for great tones, however, its still subjective.

If it helps, the 333 is a Peavey XXX/JSX (one of them anyhow) copy, while the 6262 is a Peavey 5150II/6505+ copy.
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out of those id probably get the 333xl cause i think its a clone of the jsx which is(imo) a great amp
the bugeras are both better than the marshall me thinks in terms of tone
Go to youtube, listen to demos of the Peavy JSX and the 6505+. Decide which one sounds better, and buy the corresponding Bugera copy.

A rough description- JSX has better cleans, very glassy, bright distortion channels, very versatile since it has an active EQ and 3 channelsl. Has slightly less gain than 6505, but still more than what you need for just about anything.
6505+- Cleans are bland (though 6262 has decent cleans), very lower mid heavy, dark sounding amp. Very versatile in the metal and hard rock sphere, cant quite pull off blues or classic rock that well. More gain than youll ever need. Effectively three channel since the crunch mode on channel one is footswitchable. No active EQ.