Well the pickups on me epiphone dot suck pretty hard. Muddy, boomy, and harsh on the bridge. Wanna replace them. Thinking of gfs (im poor please dont tell me to get bkp costing more than the guitar) v59s or maybe a set of their p90 bucker sized (dream90 and mean90?). I'm pretty much a single coil type of guy but wouldn't mind low output humbuckers. leaning towards the dream90s though. Just wondering if anybody has these or other gfs in their dot, or other guitars. And any thoughts in general. Gfs would be an upgrade to these epiphone crappers right?
GFS pickups would probably be great on your epi. I put a mean 90 and a surf 90 into a cheap alder solidbody and the tone is fantastic. I find the 2 different pickups really give a nice variety of sounds. The mean 90 doesnt quite sound like a p90, but its more like a beefy normal single coil, with a bit less bite than the p90. The bass response is pretty solid with a detailed top end and a slight mid boost. The surf 90 has slightly scopped mids and its really snappy sounding. It's bright without being harsh, and a little bit jangly. They're both really clear sounding and I'm running them with 500k pots. They're not high end pickups, but for the money you can't do better, definitely worth the investment on a cheaper guitar.

(slightly biased)
Normally I tell people to save up for good 'buckers, but I've personally used the P90s from GFS, and I gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good the sound was. I'd recommend it on a budget any day.
yeah i really want the surf 90s but I don't think they make them anymore, atleast they aren't on their website. Maybe I'll try the dream 90s, I don't know how close they are. Thanks for the input. At this point i'm thinking anything will be an upgrade to the stock pickups. Everytime I play the guitar I have to put it down within 15 minutes for the good ole' american dlx plus strat.
Bill lawrence makes amazing pickups, check out his humbucker sized p-90s. 50 bucks a pup for a mia pickup is pretty good.