I loved this vid, it was very Well done! (the sound, the edditing etc')
I love pink floyd and love "Wish you were here".
You have a good voice, and your singing was dynamic & nice to hear.
You played it pretty well with lots of feel becuse You put a lot of heart and soul into your playing and it really shined through

check out my cover:
I cant think of a single bad thing to say about this video. I have such fond memories of playing this song with my uncle before he died 4 years ago. It always brings back great memories when I play or hear it. You've done this song justice in every sense of the word. The video edditing was fantastic, your guitar playing was spot on, and your voice is fantastic. You could really feel the emotion you poured into it. Well done once again man! If you wouldnt mind doing a C4C I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on any of the covers I've done. Theres a link to my YouTube page in my sig

It's really great. I especially like how to effected the guitar at the start so the rhythm sounded distant and solo was clear.