Whats up everyone? So I wrote a song recently and showed it to a buddy of mine. He told me that he felt the pre-chorus of the song was more catchy, or memorable than the actual chorus itself. This got me thinking. Are there any other songs that you know in which this happens? The only one that comes to mind at the moment is John Mayer's Clarity. To me, the pre-chorus("Ohh ohh ohh") is catchier than the chorus (" And I will wait to find if this will last...") Any others???
Hot for love by judas preist and out of the silent planet by iron maiden come to mind, defiently nothing wrong with it.
Here comes your man - Pixies.

"You never wait so long... so long, so long" - catchiest part of the song imo.
falls about by thousand foot crutch, the "doesn't anyone see what's happenin here?"
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Completely wrong forum guys. This is more of a pit topic, if not a post in the S&L Discussion/Freepost thread.
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