Composed and recorded/mixed in 10-14 hours I think?
The drums are looped so they're a bit boring, I can't do good midi drums yet.
I'd say C4C, and im willing to, but my computer is so old and crap it can't handle youtube or the UG MP3 player so I have to check stuff out on my mom's computer if it's available.

So it may take a while to get a comment back
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Kind of unusual to have the drums panned off to the right. Guitar playing is pleasant for the most part, though some parts could be tighter. If it fits your budget, you should check out EZDrummer or Superior Drummer (both by toontrack). Here in the USA, Guitar Center had EZDrummer for $79US recently (though I got it for $30US, unusually cheap!). Your song is nice overall. Please review my music at this link:

Hi Aaron
Thanks for the reply, definitely something i can work with. Im not getting any software right now, since I don't have my own pc or mac yet. I'm working on my dad's Mac at the moment. Listening to the parts through my good headphones i can agree that some parts need to be played with a little more confidence indeed. The drums are fixed volume wise, and pan wise now

Now your songs:
Which is your way - I loved the vocals, it's not something i'd immediately listen to for a full hour, but it's something you have to get used to. Besides the vocals I also have admiration for the way you used and mixed the synths - something i'm absolutely horrible at myself. One thing, though this could be just me: I thought the lead synth after the vocals stop was a tad loud at times

It does make it pretty swirly and i noticed that the volume was shifting around on that synth so it could just be my silly opinion

I wanna see you:
I found the bass to 'pop' very pretty hard, making the accents sound out a bit loud.

Overal I found both songs pretty well produced and structured Im not at home at this genre at all so i hope my comments made some sense
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Pretty good song you got there. The lead guitar is pretty nice. I think this sounds good. Liked the way the song fades back in with the main theme at 1.55.. The only thing that bugged me was that there's a weird cut when you start that lick that changes from left to right at 2.22, it happens then again at around 2.33! I guess something weird happened while you were editing it? Those chords at the end are nice, a bit different from the mood of the rest of the song, reminded me of Vai.

Other than that, I liked it a lot. Did you get in btw?

Here's my stuff, check it out if you have time! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1526635

Good luck!
Dudes! thanks for the nice and useful replies, and sorry for being very late! been super busy I don't know if I'm in yet btw, the actual audition is in june or something, this is just for a preselection

7th Vagrant:

I liked your song a lot, though the drums could use a little more 'power' and the vocals sound like you need to sing or sound 'out' a bit more, like a bit more roomy and open (I'm not a vocalist, don't know how else to say it) but I'm thinking this is more of a recording than a singing problem. I found the instruments mixed pretty well, everything was clear and audible, the acoustic guitar was a bit dark to my ears.

To conclude my comment: I really liked it I'm a huge progressive metal fan and it's cool to see someone take another approach than the endless stream of djent these days. It kinda sounded like a mix of opeth and cynic to me and the composition was awesome.

Cammo: I'm listening to the Conman demo, I'm immediately digging the guitar sound the drums not so much, they're a little unclear, though the drumming itself fits the song well. I also loved the little drum breaks between the guitar lines at about 1:56, and the part that comes after sounds beautiful. And your vocals are awesome, very dynamic.

Overal: I know it's a demo so I'm sure the real thing will sound clearer, but other than that it was pretty awesome dude

You both make me feel like i still have a lot to learn about song making and recording xD
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