silly question maybe... Im an electric guy though. My Les has 10s, my strat has 11s and all my acoustics have 12s. Its a nice change to practice on the unplugged, but Ive never loved the fat strings. Do they make good 11s for acoustics?
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I use elixirs 11 sometimes. They are good I think.
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All the main string manufacturers make .11s for acoustics. They also make .10s and some even make .09s.

I'm guessing if you have to ask this, you haven't really tried looking for them yet.

I always use Martin strings on my acoustics.
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Ernie ball earthwoods come in a few different gauges. They sound pretty good and the lifespan is pretty good as well.
.011 to .052 is generally called, "Custom Light". This is the set you're looking for.

.012 to .053 is the standard for " Acoustic Light". (Most makers shipping string set for acoustics).

And last but not least, .010 to .047 is "Acoustic Extra Light.

These gauging conventions extend across almost all popular string brands.