I'm interested in getting into looping. I've done a bit of research and noodling at local shops whenever one is available but have yet to really find a wealth of information on the differences between the products out there. I've got a buddy who uses an RC-50 and seems to enjoy it quite a bit. I know some of this equipment can get pretty complicated, so I didn't know if there are options outside of the kind of "all-inclusive" looping pedals like the Boss one.

As far as my goals for looping, I'd like to eventually be proficient enough for live use with the potential for incorporating multiple instruments into my loops. i'm less concerned with effects and pre-recorded beats/progressions than I am with the ability to record and manage quality loops in a live setting.

I was reading some of the older posts in here so I know there are some loopers out here on the forum. Any insight you could give me would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.
If you want to loop multiple instruments then it's likely that some of those instruments will be miced and that means you need a looper with 1/4" and XLR inputs. The basic Jamman I have will do that. However the RC-50 does much more such as multiple independent loops. I suggest you take a good look at your buddy's RC-50. Boss has released a newer RC-300. I picked up a used RC-50 for $250.

Boomerang is another looper that a lot of people like. But I don't know if it has a separate input for a mic.
i fly135 is right around where i am with it. get something big and robust if you plan on doing some serious looping. stay away from DL-4's and DD-20's with long delay capabilities and get something a little more smart and useable (he listed many of the good ones).

one thing i would probably do is get a mixer for my looper. that way i wouldn't have any problems feeding signals to the looper when using multiple instruments.
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A mixer is a good idea because you can put the level controls right at your fingertips. I feed my RC-50 with the aux bus from my mixer. So I can still use the mixer for it's normal functions plus direct inputs to the looper.