I have a huge problem - I was recording a song, but the only XLR-PL cable I have suddenly makes cracklin sound whenever I played the guitar or sing it's not making any problem in silence - how can I cut this sound from my tracks?
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Try lowering your input volume significantly.. if that doesn't work then your cable is probably FUBAR
Use a noise gate, the threshold sets the volume which it starts working at. Mess about with the threshold until the crackling is mostly gone, then set the release. Don't set it too short though.
When my instrument cable makes a crackling sound I wiggle it next to where the cable meets the jack. I wasn't recording when this happened and it would crackle even when I wasn't playing, so this might not work, But, you might as well try. Hope this helps, sorry if my message is confusing.
In my experience crackling/popping are caused by a computer that can't keep up with the latency the driver for your interface is set at.

Check Task Manager the next time you're recording. If your CPU usage is really high, you're gonna wanna pull your latency settings back a bit.
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