So, I made the mistake of downloading the newest iTunes update (10.6) and now iTunes won't start up. The download was successful (as far as I know) but whenever I try to click on the iTunes shortcut, or even going through "My Computer" etc etc. it just doesn't load. But it seems that it just quits after startup, or something. I can go to Windows task manager, and look at processes, and I'll see iTunes in the processes section but it just stops and disappears from the menu a few seconds after I click it. I'll post a screencap vid of it later, just wanted to know if anyone has experienced/solved this before.
Running on Windows 7. If any other comp info is needed, I'll be glad to help.
inb4 hate on me using iTunes
Downloaded it earlier. Working fine for me.
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Current version, also windows 7. Works fine for me.

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