Could anyone tab (or notate) out the intro to Chick Coreas song "mistress luck - a portrait"?
its pretty much the same theme repeated, so the piano chords, melody and bassline of the intro are all I need.

Even a lead sheet would be fine. like chords and melody.
I would try to take a stab at it myself, but I dont have any instruments with me right now.

if you start tabbing it out on a guitarpro/tuxguitar file format, I could help you finish it and make it complete.

I just need some help hahaha


its the song witch take up the first five minutes of this video.

even if you dont tab it out, I suggest giving it a listen, its an amazing piece of music.

EDIT: this is my first time posting in the tab talk area asking for a tab, so I apologize if its a little off.

Also, if you help me with this id be more than happy to help tab out anything else for you.
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