I got this for my first "real" guitar, and while it is fun to play, it's not quite the sound I want. This thing is a beast! It rocks. I like to play blues. While it's fine, it misses that twang and want something brighter.
Full Disclosure: This is a manufacturer refurb, but I can't tell to be honest. This thing looks new to me. No knows issues! Sounds great to me for hard rock/metal and dark tones. This guitar is stamped USED on back to avoid the warranty fraud thing (you know how it is).

Looking for $275 shipped to lower 48. Flickr confounds me but photos are below. Also, PM me if you want photos too.

photo-1 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-1 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-3 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-2 by Killsocket, on Flickr

You said that you wanted something that sounded brighter and I want something that sounds like your guitar so, how about a swap?

I have a 1984 Yamaha SC300T and it’s a Strat killer. It rings. Period. I used to have a ’78 Strat and ended up selling it after I got this because this one beat it at its own game. I wish I had the Strat now because they’re worth a bunch of money but I didn’t know that would happen 10-11 years ago. This guitar’s one of the early, very high quality ones made in Japan, not Korea. They’re not too well known but those who do have them rave about them. There are some threads about them here and there online so you don’t need to take my word for it.

Anyway, I’ve had mine for sale for a while and it seems that you have the same situation. I don’t know where you are; I’m near Nashville. For the price of shipping ($40 or so) we could each have what we want. What do you think?

For some more pictures and info, I have a thread in the classifieds here:


PS If you’ve already gotten a message about this, it’s because I hit something and it just disappeared; I don’t know if it was sent or not. If you're interested, send me a private message with your phone number and we'll talk. Thanks.

Sorry, a week ago I might have considered it and I apologize for not updating my post. I just got a Squier Classic Vibe 60s a week ago. It is the sound I want. Nice guitar though.