Hi ! I'm having a problem with my acoustic-electric Cort guitar. While I was changing its strings a few days ago, I held the guitar upside down for some reason and took a look at the sound hole : I realized there was a small round piece of foam hanging from an electric wire, floating in the middle of the guitar's body. I know my pickup uses an under saddle microphone but I believe this might be some sort of secondary microphone. What worries me is that it don't think this thing should be rolling around like that inside the guitar. Moreover one side of the foam disc is a slightly sticky as if it had been glued somewhere before.

So my questions are : should I glue it back (or perhaps use some double sided tape ?). And where should it be attached ?

A picture is worth a thousand words :

My guitar is a Cort MR 710F NS with a Fishman Classic 4T pickup.

Thank you !
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The foam disc is actually a microphone that is glued to the mid-lower bout inside and on the side of your guitar. You can set it on the back (inside) if you find it easier to mount there, but the sound it gives will be markedly different. Not unpleasant... just different - akin to mic placement when recording. Move the mic and get better/worse sound for recording.

Its meant to mix the undersaddle and "natural" sound of the guitar to get a better acoustic sound out to an amp, DI or mixer.

It shouldn't be a difficult fix, but if you have any doubts, let a luthier fix it for you.
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