Im in the process of writing out a guitar lessons book, but writing out tabs is turning into a pain. I want to get some kind of tab writing software that can export tabs to a word document, reason being, I'm writing my book through "blurb" which formats all the text into a book format, and when its finished it prints everything, so I need to be able to export tabs to a text format, so I can copy it and paste it into the Blurb Format. I downloaded a trial version tablEdit, but that doesn't seem to do the job. Anybody have any suggestions? Right now I'm using my wife's Mac, cause I broke My XP Computers...so Its gonna hafta be compatible with a macbook. Thanks in advance for any input!
GuitarPro if you're wiling to fork out the money. PowerTab I believe is also good (not sure about Mac compatibility, though).

Both of these export tabs as .pdf files.

TuxGuitar is open source but I'm not sure if it exports tabs as a PDF file.
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