Been trying to form or join an online band for quite some time here on UG. Figured I might as well try again

I'm 17 years old (turning 18 in June) and a Junior in highschool. I've been playing guitar since the summer seperating my 7th and 8th grade years. I'm open to playing different styles (preferably not country). I'm not that great of a lead guitarist, but I'm good at writing guitar riffs and playing rhythm based stuff, what little lead I do play is very bluesy. I've also been writing songs for a year now. I use Audacity to record.

Electric Guitars: Washburn x10, Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Acoustic Guitars: Kingston 12 String, Guitarras De Calidad Acousic (Handmade in Mexico)

Amplifier: Samick SGA30

Any online bands looking for a rhythm guitarist?