Hey everyone. Got a weird issue that maybe someone can help out with.

Bought an RG1570 new and been trying to get it set up right for myself. Have it almost where I want it. Here's the issue. Now I have this weird buzzing in the weirdest of places. High E string, 11th through 13th. Only place I'm getting buzz. And it's a weird sounding buzz too. Can't really explain it. Sounds like a fret but I'm not sure.

Maybe related, not sure. But when I restrung it the high E bit me. Bit the crap out of me. I thought I snapped the string, but after inspection I couldn't see anything wrong.
Check the action and the truss rod. You could also check to see if there's anything wrong with the frets themselves.
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I had the same problem with my Ibanez RG270 too. Okay my Rg is much cheaper but maybe it will help you too.
So, what I did to remove that buzzing was to, higher a bit the Floyd Rose and/or to turn the truss rod a bit more loose, so that the strings get more space to swing free

Guess I'll have to start from scratch in the morning. Been playing it that way. Not going to work lol.