I currently have a 100 watt halfstack that is a bit to loud for me to play at night/ at bedroom levels wihout totally killing my tone. I'm asking you UGers, what would be the best option as far as attenuators go?
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if it is tube remember that attenuators arent just another volume knob to make an amp whisper quiet, they are made to take the edge off a tube amp thats cranked.

really you have to deal with a crappier tone when practicing if you want really quiet. and think, the times when you do get to let rip you will love that tone even more.
A decent practice amp will be cheaper anyway.
Get a small Vyper or something.
If you're talking about the B-52 in your signature, just turn the master volume way down. An attenuator is going to mess with the tone more than the MV will on that amp.