So I'm learning the song Black Magic Woman and I'm running into a few issues bending the string. When I bend at the 13th fret of the B string up the whole step, it's not the B string itself but the G string that gets in my way. The G string is obviously a thicker string and it either gets in the way of my bend or it gets caught on my fingers and then creates an unwanted pull-off sound. It sometimes gets caught on the "meat" of my fingers and other times it gets under my finger nails and produces the same effect (I've been trying to use 3 fingers at a time to do the bend. I CAN actually do it with one finger but it's much harder to overcome the G string this way).

Also, when you do a bend, where should the string that's being bent go in relation to the other strings? Should it be slid UNDER them or should my fingers be pushing those other strings up too so that the bent string stays BESIDE them like normal?

I tried one technique where I actually used my first finger to bend the B string and then used the remaining fingers to simultaneously bend up the G string and this is how I was able to produce the best sounds. However, this seemed to be pretty difficult.
Your last idea is how I do it. Just keep practicing I guess.
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I don't have that big an issue, I usually use my index for muting the G and then have my ring and middle finger for the bend.
Bend with your ring finger with your middle finger and index finger supporting it. Your fingers shouldn't slide under the G string, but instead bend the B string into the G string and then keep going, bending both strings.
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Use your picking hand to mute the G string so even if you do accidentally touch it, it won't make any noise?
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Use your picking hand to mute the G string so even if you do accidentally touch it, it won't make any noise?

It can be quite difficult to mute the above string with your palm as you will be really really close to cutting out the bent note as well.

What i like to do is.

1. Bend with the 3rd finger
2. Support with the 2nd finger
3. Let my 1st finger come over the top slightly and mute the above string

The 1st finger has a very poor mechanical advantage when bending anyway, so it doesn't offer much support.