I want to get into the Black Keys, but don't know what album to start with. Any reccomendations?
I loved Attack and Release, and El Camino (the new one) has a varied sound, so those are my suggestions. You really can't go wrong with Black Keys though
She Said, She Said (above) is awesome and can be found on their first album "The Big Come Up".

Their first three albums are my favourites:
"The Big Come Up"
"Rubber Factory"
Rubber Factory or Thickfreakness for sure.

Brothers is very good as well in my opinion.
I only started listening to them very recently, after someone on the thread recommended them to me. The only Black Keys CD I have heard is called "Thickfreakness." This is the only one I have heard so far, but it is okay. I would recommend this one to someone who has not heard any Black Keys before. This one is probably the best place to start.

For the un-indoctrinated, start from the beginning and work your way forward in time.