I'm not using my amp sound, because there is too much noise in the recording. My recording method, is just plugging a cable from the amp(earlier) to the laptop in the mic port, and recording with reaper.

Now, I'm recording direct in from my Bass (same method as earlier, just that one end of the cable goes into the output slot of my bass). Then I record through reaper, and then use some VST plugins to enhance the sound. I use FreeAmp3 and TSE B.O.D . At first there was almost no noise at all, but then recently I have noticed that whenever my fingers are not touching the strings, there is a mix of a high-pitched and low-pitched noise, which goes away when I touch the strings.

I also noticed that whenever both the tubelights are on, the noise starts to emerge when I am not touching the E string, but touching all the other strings, whereas when no tubelights are on, there is no noise till I let go of all the strings.

Please help D:

Thanks for your time!
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You need to describe how you are recording a lot clearer. If it is as it sounds, and you're plugging the output of your bass amp into the laptop mic in port, you are risking serious damage to both your amp's poweramp and your laptop.
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Why so? I've heard many people record that way. I used to have one end of the cable in the headphones slot of the amp, and one end in the laptop mic port. I hope that's a tad clearer.

Thanks :")
Another concern is latency, because if you're playing through plug-ins and want to monitor how they affect the sound, you'll be monitoring 'through' the computer.
If you're using the amp head with no cab you can do some serious damage.

You need to explain your setup in more detail. It sounds like you're running straight into your laptop with no interface/mixer. If that's the case then most likely you won't be able to get any decent recordings because you're going straight into the soundcard and it's not really built for that.
That's right . I'm not using a Line6 kinda thing, if that's what you mean by interface/mixer.
I guess I'll have to work with what I've got..

Thanks for your replies
There's other interfaces other than Line 6. Pretty much it is an external sound card that is built for recording. You can try recording at low volumes and see if that helps.
You really need to get an interface or multitracker if you're recording. Going directly into your computers mic input cannot result in anything good.
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You really need to get an interface or multitracker if you're recording. Going directly into your computers mic input cannot result in anything good.

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I still don't think it's clear enough so just to clarify, is this what you're doing:

Bass guitar > bass amp > bass amp speaker output > laptop mic-in > Reaper?

Seriously, you need to be clear about which output of your amp you're using, because you absolutely must not run a cable from the amp's main output (where the speakers should be connected) because if the amp doesn't see the correct resistance to the current at the end (the 'load') you will drive the power amp transformer far too hard and it could blow up. You will also risk frying your laptop's souncard.
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