Hi all! So, I have played country music for the last several years, along with southern rock and a little blues. I used to have an acoustic, but due to a wrestling accident, it died...Anyway, for the last yr or so I have been in love with bluegrass, and I have been playing mandolin to learn bluegrass/folk and a little celtic. Well, I decided it was time to buy an acoustic guitar so that I could play bluegrass and country on that too, rather than only an electric. A lot of the stuff I play deserves an acoustic, and even though I have not explanined that well you probobly know what I am trying to say.

Here is my question now that you know what I play...Since I havent had an acoustic for several yrs, I want some advice for the type of acoustic I would be looking for, within a budget of 300-500 dollars. Thx in advance!
OH! I forgot to mention that I live in Alberta, Canada. I guess that may change the prices and types of guitars?
Have a look a Recording King guitars, I think they have some all solid wood, or at least solid top models in that price range. As you a playing bluegrass a dreadnought should be the preferred, almost necessary body style

Quote by mack1992
OH! I forgot to mention that I live in Alberta, Canada. I guess that may change the prices and types of guitars?
I would think the first thing you'd want to do is pay homage to the website of your, "homeys", Seagull /Godin: http://www.seagullguitars.com/ You can't really go too far wrong starting there.

Ok, so granted Alberta and Quebec are well over 2000 miles apart and speak different languages. The other principle manufacturers,China, Korea, and the Phillipines are way, way further from Alberta with no linguistic similarities whatsoever...jus' sayin'.

Then there's Yankee pride....and price.....and more price....
For bluegrass, the standard is a dreadnaught. Martins are far and away the most popular, but out of the price range of many players.
So, if you can't afford a Martin, then a dread with "close-to-Martin" sound is what folks will be looking for.
There are many fine dreadnaughts in all price ranges; go to a shop and play a bunch. If you're going to be playing in an acoustic band setting, you'll want a strong bass.
You might check out Martin's low-price line... Sigma.
Try dreads from Blueridge, Seagull, Recording King, I also like the tones from the Martin DX1.
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
Thanks for the replies ya'll! I now have a better idea of what I am looking for.